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Boating in Canadian Waters

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Safe Boating America is pleased to be an Official Testing Agent
for the Canadian
Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Our mission is to meet your expectations in offering comprehensive boating safety certification and licensing courses in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. Keeping focus on that mission Safe Boating America has become an Official Testing Agent offering certification for the Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Card/License. For those boating from New York to Canada or for those having a permanent residence in Canada you can now obtain the required Canadian certification at the conclusion of any of our regularly scheduled courses and by appointment. Just let us know in advance and we'll arrange for your testing.

Boating Outside North America

Many countries outside the United States have boating education laws similar to ours. Even if boating education is not mandatory within the country or state you are visiting you may be required to take a boating course in order to rent a boat or PWC.

Commonly, if you haven't completed a course and/or you don't have your certification in-hand you may still be able to rent a boat or PWC, but only under direct supervision of the rental agency and your activities are usually confined to a small restricted area- or you may have to "follow the leader" riding behind an employee of the rental agency and only after you receive  lengthy but necessary instruction prior to your rental. Why give up valuable vacation time going to school when you can obtain your certification with us prior to your trip?

Many countries recognize completion of our courses as meeting their basic boating education requirements to operate a boat or PWC. So don't delay, take a course today!

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